{Vegan mayonnaise} Spicy Tofunaise with cilantro and lime. Great love!

S chocking revelations ahead! I love mayonnaise. Above all. For mayonnaise I like very much every butter left. (Ok, there are a few rare exceptions of French origin with a hint of salt, but they are, as I said, rare.). And we are not talking about any salad creams or reduced fat white masses with yoghurt sprinkles, ladies and gentlemen, dear children. This is about the - ha! - full fat variant. Real Mayo is a blast. It tastes unbelievably delicious with unbelievably many things and can be varied in seconds with a few other ingredients unimagined. That was not so dirty-revealing yet? You were expecting a little more?

Then we come to a really shocking fact: I've never been able to make mayonnaise myself. Do I hear horrified gasps in the ranks of the inclined readers? Yes, you are panting rightly. All my attempts have failed miserably so far. Even if Demeter eggs were as fresh as a nest, the temperatures of the individual ingredients were monitored so closely, the best oil used dribbled to residual mass even in small microbial quantities ... total loss. Always. I have to admit that it gnaws me a bit. Even a bit much. But you also have to accept your limits from time to time. I'm obviously not a Mayo maker. Maybe my invisible color aura is not right. Or under my kitchen a water vein runs in the wrong direction. Who knows?

So I'm so damned to roam the supermarkets of this world - always on the lookout for good quality mayonnaise. Surprisingly, these are very often found at the very bottom of the shelf. Namely, where the cheaper private labels their existence as underpriced Bückware time. However, they are usually made with just a few ingredients and no binders, fillers, stabilizers and flavorings. I find this fact very exciting. The bottom shelf is in Mayo matters so my best friend. Maybe yours too soon?

In these actually very orderly Mayo relationships, there has recently been a small, surprising shift. Mr. Seidentofu has come into my life and has been pressing to prove his skills in creamy dips. He got his chance. Tofunaise is the vegan, very low-fat fun. And that is delicious! Especially if a bit of Asia is allowed to play. Coriander, lime, a hint of chili - wow! As an animal-free Mayo alternative right, really good. Try it on burgers or sandwiches, as a dip with vegetables or snacks of your choice, as salad dressing or barbecue sauce. And let the ingredients of your imagination run wild. I have the distinct feeling that Mr. Seidentofu is very open to experimentation. What do you mean?

Seidentofu and spices for spicy tofu lunar with cilantro and lime | GourmetGuerilla.comDishcloth | GourmetGuerilla.comSpicy Tofunaise with coriander and Lime GourmetGuerilla.com

Here comes the vegan recipe for Spicy Tofunaise with Coriander and Lime

400g Seidentofu into rough pieces. With the juice of 1-2 limes , 1 bunch of coriander roughly chopped , salt , black pepper , Add 1 pinch of cumin, 1 small garlic clove , 2-3 tablespoons olive oil and 1/2 chopped chilli pepper to a blender.Possibly. season with lime juice, salt and pepper .


  • Perfect on sandwiches, as a dip to vegetables or chips and Co., for grilling, rice or rice noodles, to Asiagerichten. Ok, you can just spoon them up. If you want.
  • The tofu naiise will stay in the fridge for up to a week in an airtight container.
  • If it gets stuck in the fridge, it will be easy to eat before serving stir-fry with a spoon.
  • The Tofunaise is easy to pimp with other favorite ingredients. For example, I like sprinkling chopped spring onions over it. But even more coriander or other herbs are great.

Spicy Tofunaise with cilantro and lime | GourmetGuerilla.com

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