Stuffed picnic bread with red date pesto. Feasting instead of dragging.

"H '" until cloudy, that's how you could describe the mood of your husband and son when I suggest a picnic on a beautiful day. On the one hand, it tastes twice as good under the open sky. On the other hand, they always find themselves heavily laden with countless pots, dishes and fondue set in unthreatening, blue giant bags for miles through the park.

But we do not live in the days of Queen Victoria, which made the picnic really popular in the 19th century. At that time the gentlemen were expected to carry and serve at least 35 required meals (sic!) On their own. If a Frollein in between spontaneously wanted to sniff a wildflower, the gentlemen and their provisions had without hesitation through the undergrowth to Blümelein break (where for the emergency, after all, a few servants hid). Arrived at the picnic location, the gentlemen of course stood next to the ceiling, on which the ladies then stored even decoratively. Although I find that the Victorian Way of Picnic has a few thoughtful ideas to offer, I prefer it to be less burdensome - but no less delicious.

Since I discovered it, the general Inclusive picnic bread to celebrate our summer. This not only tastes great - it brings its practical, tight packaging and serving bowl with the same. And it may preferably be eaten with both hands. If we then lie together on the blanket and eat our beloved picnic bread to the last crumb, I think: I may not be the Queen of England, but certainly the Queen of Lawn.

Ingredients for Stuffed Picnic Bread with Red Pesto  Hollow out bread for stuffed picnic bread with red pesto | Spread the bread with pesto for stuffed picnic bread with red pesto Bread filling for stuffed picnic bread with red pesto

Here comes the recipe for a filled picnic Bread with red date pesto and everything the fridge offers

Ingredients :
1 round, rustic bread

For the filling:
Favorite ingredients according to your wishes and refrigerator situation (eg Salami or chorizo, cheese, mozzarella, vegetarian cold cuts, cucumber, tomato, ham, fried bacon, avocado, etc.)

For the pesto:
100 g of dried soft Tomatoes
4 soft dates
100 ml olive oil
2 tablespoons organic cashews or pine nuts
2 cloves of garlic
1 small onion
1 dash of lemon juice
salt and pepper

Here's how it works (fully family-friendly):

Process all the ingredients for the pesto in the blender to a smooth paste.

Cut a lid off the bread with a large knife and hollow out the bread until there is only a 2 cm wide rim left.

Spread the completely hollowed bread liberally with the red pesto. Slice the cucumber, tomato and avocado.

Then stack all the ingredients for the filling in turn, layer by layer, and gently squeeze.