{Portrait}: The Hamburg start-up city salad is causing a sensation. An interview with the founders about lettuce, drinks and bicycles.

D as in the picture above is a wild child salad. And the pictures below are Tom and Marcus. The two bring this and other delicious salads recently hungry people by bike to the office. The idea is called City Salad, is as simple as it is good and is making quite a splash in Hamburg.

So far, one has just one of these three to four standard salads mitgeordert when the colleagues ordered the usual pizza service to have. Let's face it: they were never really, really satisfying - with ingredients that would otherwise come on a pizza and dressings in the ready-made pots. But most of the time it's better than a few tons of dough with lots of cheese, which will transport you straight to the 3 o'clock coma without any detour.

City salad is a bit different: Salad is the absolute star. You can not only choose from many salad creations, you can also put together your favorite salad freely. The ingredients are refreshingly modern: from various leaf salads, toppings such as fried sweet potatoes, lentils and cress or coriander, fresh nuts and fruit to lime dressing everything is there. And it tastes fresh and great.

City Salad StartUp Founder Tom City Salad StartUp Founder

I've tried it recently and loved it. Both the quality, as well as the portion size (aächem). Since I could find on the homepage but a lot of salad and so nothing about the people behind city salad, I became curious, have asked and have come across Tom and Marcus. And although the two are currently talking about their salads at the moment, I got some other things out about them and their start-up ...

Curtain up for the little start-up City Salad Interview:

#Hello, who are you and what should we really know about you?
Hi, we are Tom and Marcus, both in their early 30s, and have three passions in common: food. Internet. Hamburg.

#Who do you know each other?
We are school friends and grew up together in Aachen. So we've known each other for ages. Since then we do all sorts of things together. For example, city salad.

#your business in 300 characters.
We are glad that we do not need 300 characters to our business to describe. We make it short and sweet in 17 characters:
We deliver salad. Best of Hamburg.

#Why are you guys doing it in salad?
In our everyday life product quality plays a big role in food. Tom is vegan and Marcus loves good meat. When it comes to salad, we have discovered the largest common intersection. Really cool salads produce a lot in terms of product quality and variety.

# Who had the idea?
We've been wanting to start a gastro project for a long time. Normally we build cool websites with our agency. For us and for others. This is totally exciting and just as exciting we find some salad bar concepts - especially from the USA. We were able to reconcile both with city salad. We are proud of our salads as well as our web presence.

#Businessplan or "will be"?
Both as well. With our agency we focus on the development of web prototypes. We quickly build small solutions and check the idea in the market. All of us are convinced that developing a prototype and gathering feedback on the market is far cheaper than throwing time off for business plans and doing market research.That's exactly what we did in this case. After two successful test runs last year, we decided in January to implement the project and start in March.

#Where do your ingredients come from?
We have a small but excellent supplier pool, which also supplies the top restaurants in our region. Plus, it was very important for us to get along completely without additives.

#Have you kids and eat the salad?
Marcus is engaged and married this year. Tom is also childless. But we are total fans of inspiring kids with healthy and above all varied food. For non-parents certainly easy to say, because we rarely cook with kids. But cooking together means tasting, touching, rummaging, tasting and having fun.

#The best salad with the fewest ingredients?
The fine leaf and wild salad mix with lemon and olive oil is Tom's favorite. Marcus is a fan of 4 ingredients - sour, sweet, salty and a bit crunchy. That's why he loves the Emperor's Classic (AdV one of the finished salad compositions on the menu).

#Fixie or 12-gear?
With the Answer can only be lost;). Our drivers drive cargo bikes, our boys drive in the office Mostly single-speed and Tom drives 12-gear.

#The best drink for salad (except water, is clear)
During the lunch break a flavored water with fresh ginger, lemon and orange.
In the afternoon sun a fruity dry Crémant Rosé to our "Feelgood". For football, a "Hamburg Supreme" with councilors Pale Ale.
At the Candle-Light-Dinner a "Wild Child" with a Silvaner and one, with a lot of bums and a bit of maturity.

# What your best buddy should never say to you.
When Tom says to Marcus, "Because of you, our customers have to wait for the salads again!" Marcus is actually still the one who makes 99% of all salads.

#Why do not we see them on your homepage?
Our salads look much better.

#When you expand to Berlin?
If things continue to be so good, then we can imagine expanding the delivery area in Hamburg during the course of the year and, if necessary, opening a shop. Then we'll go to Berlin.

#You've finally taken over the world, if ...
... we're all in Hamburg, Berlin, Munich, Cologne, Stuttgart, Frankfurt, Düsseldorf with our city salads.

Until then, we want to continue having fun with city salad. It is very important to us to be our own master and to develop ourselves. We enjoy it to the fullest - even if we had to fight like last week with a broken dishwasher and had to rinse by hand late into the night. That's part of it somehow.