My drinking challenge 2015: only water for a week. Join in & win now 10 week supply of mineral water from Gerolsteiner! (Advertising)

S o. I have decided to participate in the "Project: Water Week" and to drink only mineral water for a week. Tataaa! The man keeps me a bit crazy and keeps asking questions a bit worried until worried "For a week only water? Why are you doing that again? "But I'm really looking forward to it. And that's what happened:

I love my little rituals. That does not mean that I basically always want to have everything in completely identical lanes - that would be terribly boring. But certain small, always the same things give structure to the turbulent family and work routine. And the reassuring certainty that it's not really happening. Even if something really is going on.

Incidentally, this starts with the coffee right in the morning. I drink two cups. Always. One right after getting up. The second cup is there, while I make the child to put on as many clothes as possible, which we have put out to him. The hot drink with the bitter taste feels wonders against endless pants and sweater discussions. And the 1.376. Explanation of why you should actually wear fresh socks every morning. But I digress.

Actually, it's clear to everyone that some of our beloved rituals and habits are not really cool: too often, too much, too long. Coffee in the morning on an empty stomach, soft drinks for lunch, energy drinks against the small afternoon low, more coffee in between, a late-night drink at the end of a long day ... or two ... or three. But even if we know that we should do something about it, in normal everyday life it's really hard to break through the patterns and shoot a few screws. Mr. Inner Pigs Dog sends my regards.

That's why I'm going to make a complete brake with drinks and try what it feels like: for a week only bottled water. I'm curious! And motivated (partly because Jeanny mastered her challenge with flying colors last year). And - yes - a bit restless too. No Coffee ..., Really Now?

The Drinking Challenge runs from 8 to 14 June 2015 and I keep everyone up to date with a little water diary about my ... um ... progress (hopefully). But how about you - do you want to do something for yourself? Then I have something:

Gerolsteiner Project Water Week |

You also want to do something for yourself and participate in the "Project: Water Week"?

In the week from 8. until June 14th 2015 Gerolsteiner starts the drinking-challenge "Projekt: Wasserwoche" again and provides a weekly supply for 3,000 people
 Advertisement: This post was created in collaboration with Gerolsteiner mineral water available for free. A weekly supply consists of a total of 18 liters divided into four six-packs with 0.75 liter bottles - equivalent to a drinking volume of 2.5 liters per day.

It's about spending a week on soft drinks, juice, To give up coffee, black tea & Co. and to allow the body a break only with mineral water.

Participation is very easy: Leave me down until May 19, 23:59 h one Comment why you'd like to join the drinking challenge and win 10 x 1 week supply of mineral water.

From April 13 to May 24, everyone can sign up for Promote one of 3,000 weekly supplies of mineral water at

Under the hashtag #projektwasserwoche the participants can exchange personal experiences, report successes or get motivation.June is off then! can we do this? Yeah, we can do it! ; -)

Gerolstein Water Week Project |

The fine print: The weekly supplies of mineral water will be raffled by random among all senders. The legal process is excluded. The prize can not be paid in cash. There must be a valid email address to contact. The winners will be notified by e-mail and then have three days to submit their postal address. The address will only be forwarded to third parties for the purpose of shipping and then deleted.