Mexican chocolate breakfast smoothie. And 140 tasty recipes for breakfast from the glass.

R Fair breakfast before half past ten? Nutella rolls and eggs with bacon? Many Thanks. Nothing for me. We already talked about it, I have never managed that. Yes, I know: This is the place where the mean ecotrophologist regretfully shakes her head and a shiver trickles through her properly nourished body. But early breakfast causes me no energy boost, but exactly the opposite. Yes, really.

Great that at some point the world invented the perfect solution for me: liquid breakfast! Smoothies, shakes and Co. make sure that you have something in your stomach, but still able to act. And the whole thing does not always end in supersweet and colorful fruit and cabbage varieties. How about a more adult shake, for example? Unsweetened cocoa, a decent shot of espresso, almond milk, a spoonful of cereal, some banana and a few spices that give it all a tingling sensation? The whole thing mixed up foamy. Sounds good? Tastes delicious - promised. The recipe is below.

Incidentally, I collect mel-compatible breakfast ideas on my Pinterest board "Hello, awake!". The board is my digital picture cookbook in Frühsuckücksdingen. Whenever I come across an interesting and yummy-looking smoothie recipe on the internet, it comes - zack! - on my board. So I forget nothing, can be inspired and access at any time to the original source and the associated recipe. Incidentally, this works great with the app from the road.

Does anyone fancy 140 colorful, hot, cold, sweet and salty breakfast ideas from the glass? Yes, for the certain Frollein-emergency is of course also a Bloody Mary for the famous "next morning" here. Please read:

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And now we're making a delicious and not overly sweet adult breakfast smoothie:

Mexican Chocolate Breakfast Smoothie | Mexican chocolate breakfast smoothie cocoa | itemprop = Espresso for Mexican Chocolate Breakfast Smoothie | GourmetGuerilla.comMexican chocolate breakfast smoothie. And 140 tasty recipes for breakfast from the glass.

Here comes the recipe for Mexican Chocolate Breakfast Smoothie

Put 3 tablespoons of oatmeal in a blender and finely grind. (If you do not have a high-performance mixer such as Vitamix and Co., just add the cereal flakes to the almond milk in the fridge.)

Oatmeal 200 ml almond milk , 1 small frozen banana in pieces, 1 shot espresso , 2-3 tablespoons unsweetened cocoa powder , 1 tablespoon peanut , 1 Add pinch of cinnamon and vanilla and 1 piece of cilizote .

Mix at the highest level until the smoothie is nice and frothy.

Sweet noses can be added Need also with some honey or maple syrup . The sweetness of the banana suits me perfectly.

And then: Good morning, great day!

Mexican chocolates

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