Ingeborg Trampe, oh man, vegan croissants and an erotic book

"B oah," says Ibo. "These things are not that bad!" And plucks a bit more from the vegan croissant. My mouth is full and I make some agreement. Ingeborg Trampe - Ibo for short - and I pinch in my Winz kitchen, mumble sweet particles and drink espresso. I see Ibo for the first time today. The likeable PR and communication woman is busy and interested. Among other things, the studied political scientist, certified (jawoll!) Werbekauffrau and practicing journalist advises known agencies and companies in matters of PR strategy. Gladly she also takes on interim senior positions here and there. And she writes. For magazines, newspapers and magazines.

That's why we have a blind date in my kitchen, so to speak. I always warn honestly: "My kitchen is ... uh ... quite small." But still everyone wants to get in there right away. A food blogger obviously has to meet in her kitchen. I understand that. Now I'm standing by the stove brewing one espresso at a time, Ibo pinching the table with a view of the garden and back on the heater, a block and pen in front of him. Today I am to become the subject of her column "Ach Mensch". For the Fachdienst she regularly portrays people who work in advertising and despite everything (yes - that's it!) Have other interests. Advertisers with a second life, so to speak. Crazy!

And although my second life is foodblogging, I admit Ibo that the particles on the table are not from my oven but from the organic market and the corner. Do not bake that for me. And that puts us in the middle of talking about food, cooking, writing, blogging, my current agency, career, desires and passions.

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Ibo also blogged earlier. Under a pseudonym she wrote her blog, in which it went quite explicitly to the point. "Porn for women," says Ibo. "All that lumpy drumrum with big feelings and stuff before sex - I just skipped that. Why should this always only work for men. "Why not - exciting thing! And uncommonly anyway. The increasingly successful blog has Ibo sometime taken off the net - for reasons of youth protection. But a publisher found the topic so exciting that Ibo is reworking it as a book. For the next book fair her erotic book will be presented. Aha, so we all have our second lives. I ask Ibo if she fears any collisions with her actual job. After all, the topic is - let's say - polarizing. But Ibo is quite relaxed. So far, she has only received positive reactions to her project.

We decide that one has to stand by his second life. That just deserves it. Then a vegan croissant.

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