{Dipp & Relish} Boozy Bourbon Bacon Jam. Rrrrrrrrrrrrrrr ... is addictive and happy.

F Come home from work on a Friday night, throw on the couch, stuff a pillow under your head and do nothing for five minutes. Nothing at all. Out of the corner of the eye, discover a large, brown envelope on the dining table. Climbing up, crushing a Lego car on the way to the table like King Kong, holding the maltreated foot and fishing the envelope with the other hand. Flop back on the sofa and open the envelope. A book. Title: Rushing hunger. On the cover but no rice is shown. Be irritated. Read again: Travel Hunger - by Nicole Stich *. Ah ... the new.

Book popping up on page 18, completely fascinated to stare at the recipe from the Boozy Bacon Jam. And stare. And want to have. Immediately! Watch the clock: 19:45. Jump off the sofa, look for the thick socks and do not find. Stumble on your shoes without socks, throw over your coat, tear your bag off your hook, "get right back" roar into the apartment and run to the politically correct supermarket around the corner.

Bacon, red onions and a few little things in Throw the basket, the booty swirling carry home and break out 10 minutes later at the smell of frying in the pan onions, garlic and star anise in happy giggling. Put a generous slob of bourbon in the pan and watch as everything slowly smacks into something deliciously fragrant. Pour the finished bacon jam into a jar, spread a spoonful on a piece of cheese and try. Bacon love galore. To be addicted. Forever. Friday evenings, you can be so great.

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And here comes the recipe for a glass of great, addictive boozy bourbon Bacon Jam

Cut 250g Bacon Slices into strips. Melt 1 tsp butter in a large pan and slowly fry the bacon over medium heat. Remove from the pan and drain on kitchen crepe .

Peel 4 red onions , dice and fry in the remaining fat in the pan. 2 garlic cloves , finely chop and add 1/2 teaspoon cinnamon powder and 1 star anise to the pan. With a little patience, fry until the onions are brown caramelized.

The onions with 75 ml bourbon , 60 ml maple syrup and 2 Deglaze EL Balsamico . Add the bacon and let the Bacon Jam simmer until thick.Nicole Stich, known to many from her successful food blog www.deliciousdays.com, reveals her own personal foodie discoveries in her Wanderlust book. She has been looking for ingredients for Asian, Mediterranean, Oriental and typical American recipes in the world's most exciting markets. And she searched for local dishes that the locals swarmed about. She has met great people, experienced background stories and kitchen secrets. And most of all: the best insider tips for Must Eats collected - ingredients and dishes that are only available in certain countries and in certain markets.

Reish Hungry - The Best Recipes between USA and Singapore
Nicole Stich
ISBN -10: 3833843144
ISBN-13: 978-3833843143
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