{Digital} The tricks of the food stylists. Proper food - but not right.

Actually, we do know that food that we encounter in the wild outside is usually pretty pretty. Illustrations on product packaging and menus usually have nothing in common with what we then find in the pack and on the plate. But otherwise a lot of cheating for photos to create the perfect look for the food. The tricks of the food stylist: The cappuccino on the sumptuously set coffee table consists of engine oil and shaving cream. The crispy-looking chicken is actually raw inside, but was treated on the outside with brown paint and a Bunsen burner. And the chocolates under the swinging open silver cloche are guaranteed to be plastic models.

For those who are a bit desperate on a regular basis because their lovingly and painstakingly prepared food does not look like it does on Pinterest and Co.: In these three little movies Minhky Le shows us why maybe we do not want stylomat like that and prefer to stick to our honest food.

PS: Everything is real in this blog ;-)