{Digital appetizer} Really good bread. Is this worth it?

I In the new Lidl image spot, we surprisingly get answers to the question of what is actually good for us. Pseudophilosophisch, peppered with babies, cute boys with nickel glasses, small cats, big emotions, hearty seniors and other freckled, good-looking people, he tells us in slow motion optics one thing above all: That actually only we decide what, what good is. That we feel that very easily. And it does not matter what the price, the opinions of others, or anything else.

"What's good is that we know it's good for us. Because everything is as it should be. Or better. We see good things about what something looks, smells, tastes like. Actually, we all know exactly what's good for us. "Aha. Soso.

In other movies about different product groups we also learn that Lidl offers really good vegetables, really good coffee, really good chocolate and really good bread. At the latest when bread baker Richter Kubschütz however torn the hat line. As a traditional baker, he could not just accept the real-good box and saw himself taking a remarkable step. In a letter he answers the image spot. Will Lidl pay? Or is not Lidl worthwhile? And is that good, above all? Fortunately, Stefan Richter has not quite lost his humor over the question of really good bread:

Posted by Bakery Richter, Kubschütz.

If and when food is really good and if something is worth it, everyone has to decide for themselves. Best without the support of good-looking people in slow motion. Actually, we all know exactly what is good for us. Now we just have to buy it. For example, a baker who works by hand refuses ready-to-use blends in 50 kg sacks with all possible non-declarable additives. Would not that be a good intention for the weekend? Here's a menu of artisan baking bakers (thanks, Hermione!).

Happy Weekend!

PS: Need more information about our daily bread? Here you go.