{Breakfast} Herb eggs in glass with crispy toast sticks

D he simple things are sometimes the very best of all.

For example, herbal eggs in a glass fall into this category. Wonderfully simple thing for breakfast? Perfect 4-minute eggs (exactly - those without Glibber but with great creamy egg yolk) frolic decorative in a glass, are topped with delicious herbs, with crispy toast sticks and at the end uncomplicated ratzeputz weggelöffelt. Incidentally, the whole thing becomes disgustingly good if you fry the pieces of bread first in some olive oil and then sprinkle with not too much salted butter to eat. I like to repeat the whole thing: creamy egg, crispy fried bread, fresh-spicy herbs, salty butter ...

Yes, I know. The whole thing sounds crazy for hip gold, but guaranteed no more fat than a dour, medium-good croissant. So you can safely enjoy relaxed. And it's sooooo satisfying. On the balcony, on the weekend, with a bit of sun on the face, a flower on the table and two eggs in the glass everything can only be very, very good. Promised.

Herb Eggs in Glass | GourmetGuerilla.com Herb eggs in a jar GourmetGuerilla.com  Herb eggs in glass | GourmetGuerilla. DE

And here comes the recipe for herb eggs in a jar with crispy toast sticks for 2 relaxed breakfasts

4 eggs at room temperature in a small saucepan and just cover with water . Bring the water to a boil and let the eggs soak for 4 minutes. Then drain the water and chill the eggs well with cold water.

2 slices of toast or 1 baguette roll cut into oblong pieces in a pan with a dash of olive oil fry crispy on all sides . 2-3 tablespoons herbs (eg celery green, chives, parsley and cress). Gently peel the eggs and place each one in a small glass. Sprinkle with some sea salt.

Serve the fried bread and salted butter .

Herb Eggs in Glass | GourmetGuerilla.comHerb Eggs in Glass | GourmetGuerilla.com

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