{blogst} Blogger Workshop: The 11 rules for professional cooperation.

J uhuuu - it's going to be back! Anyone who stops by here often has noticed that BloggerRelations are very important to me - and in any case necessarily in both directions: companies AND bloggers. A blog is usually very casual for the readers and shaky, but behind the scenes is always associated with a lot of work, involvement and getting involved in a wide variety of topics. In addition to the actual topic of the blog, one also intensively deals with the pitfalls of the respective blog software, with programming, photography, SEO, Google guidelines, the constant improvement of one's own spelling skills, servers, financing, inquiries from companies and not least German law.

At some point, a very smart blogger found that blogging is actually the opposite of "keeping everything to yourself". And it's a great idea for bloggers to network and learn and benefit from each other - that's why very smart blogger Ricarda Nieswandt founded BLOGST.

BLOGST brings design, food and DIY bloggers , Living, Travel and Wedding together and allows to learn with and from each other. At the BLOGST conference in Hamburg in 2014, I had the great opportunity to hold a one-hour talk on Collaboration with Business and I just loved it. The positive feedback has totally distracted me and confirmed to me that many bloggers struggle with urgent questions about cooperations, their correct implementation, honesty towards the readers and their own authenticity. That's why there is now a sequel as a workshop - so to speak, the Extended Version.

Cooperations negotiated and implemented professionally, 28.02.2015 in Cologne

In the workshop learn the "11 Rules for Professional Collaborations" and treat individual questions of the participants.

Main topics of the workshop are:

• Optimal Preparation
• Learnings about Companies & Agencies
• Understanding and Evaluating Coop Offers
• Effective Negotiations
• Reasonable Pricing
• Dos, Donts & Golden Rules
• Long Term stay happy with coops and avoid blog burnout

Click here for registration and more information.
In order to work optimally with each other and the participants individually to speak, the number of participants is limited to 18.

I am looking forward to Ricarda of 23 sqm style already doll and huge on a s uperspannendenTag!