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Ixtapa Mexican Grill of Bellevue, NE is a full service Mexican restaurant. We continue the tradition of great quality food. Customer satisfaction is our top priority. Our courteous staff is ready to serve you.

Since 1986, Ixtapa Mexican Grill has been a family tradition in the southeastern United States, and from our family to yours, it has truly been a privilege to serve you and we thank you for your loyal patronage.

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In 1948, my father and mother, Jose and Juanita Hernandez, came to the United States to fol¬low the American dream. Through the years the family migrated to Ohio, Michigan, Dallas, and finally to Atlanta. Here the family opened its first Mexican restaurant, La Fiesta, in 1973. My mother cooked the food, while my father, sisters, and brothers washed dishes, waited tables, and anything else needed to help manage and run the family restaurant.

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Mexican Restaurant - Bellevue, NE - Ixtapa Mexican Grill



Craig B.

Ask for the hotter salsa for the chips. You qont regret it.Or WILL YOU...?No draft beer but they have my friends Don Julio and Mr HeraduraMister H has his Anejo with him but Don... DON only reposado??Sigh what am I going to do with you...Oh sidetracked... sorry.The combo is the way to go if you're old school like me. It's the only way to get traditional hard tacos. Yeah yeah.. you snowflake foodies... I still don't get how you ruined tacos by getting half dollar sized soft corn tortillas for 4$ each... I digressDid I mention asking for the hot salsa with your chips? I may have IDK... Where was i?Oh I know... hey bartender how about free pouring my don julio...  a measured shot is NOT the way to serve tequlia "neat"Okay I'm out. Yall have a most excellent day and happy Tequlia Taco Tuesday!


Chad K.

They offer a "cash discount." This is just a shady and deceptive way of making credit/debit card users pay a surcharge. They can't technically charge you extra when you're paying with a credit card, so they use semantics to skirt the law (and their merchant agreements) and instead of charging a fee for using a card they offer a discount for paying cash. "Tomāto tomäto." They making their customers pay their card processing fees for them. There's plenty of delicious Mexican restaurants in the Omaha metro that DON'T do that you can patronize instead.There are some wait staff here that are so incompetent and complacent that I can only assume they work here because they're related to the owners in some way. There's no other reasonable explanation.Too bad too. The food is actually pretty good.

Mexican Grill - Bellevue, NE - Ixtapa Mexican Grill


Ralph R.

This restaurant closed on May 31st, 2019. The food here was OK, service was good, but it was empty the day we went here. omaha.com/sarpy/bellevue…


Angie M.

Went with a friend for some margaritas with mini corona beers inside they were soo good! We did have some chips and salsa as a snack that was good! Fun place to hangout


Jason P.

This is my Wife and I's go-to Mexican joint in Bellevue. They aren't anything super special. But they are close, clean, cheap, and consistent. I never have to worry about running home shortly after eating here....you've all been there so you know what I mean. The lunch menu's "build your own combo" is killer and only costs .00! Cheaper then McDonalds. I recommend getting the queso with the complimentary salsa and chips. I order the chicken quesadilla and my wife gets the steak fajitas. Always a solid meal, friendly staff.


Jennifer P.

I have been here before, but not for a while. I met a friend here for lunch and it was as good as I remembered. The free chips and salsa were good. Service was friendly and acceptable. I opted for the custom lunch special for . I got an cheese enchilada, chicken quesadilla, and beef taco. All were good and I was comfortably full when I left. They do have Happy Hour from 4:30-7pm everyday with margaritas! I would say this is on the better end of Mexican places in town for a couple different reasons. I would definitely go here again when in the area.


Robert L.

This is your run of the mil, average Mexican joint. The Specialties of the House can be decent like the shrimp diablo. Chimichanga had no spices in it whatsoever and most of the food is bland. Service is decent and it's well maintained. Happy hour prices on drinks are also positive. Side note, they charge you a "convenience fee" on your bill if you use a credit/debit card so look closely. Bring cash.


Reese S.

The food here was so-so. When you can drive to so many amazing Mexican restaurant in less than ten minutes it's hard to be satisfied with what, to me, tasted average. To be fair, I'm pretty picky about my Mexican food. It has very friendly & quick staff that won't keep you waiting. There is able seating & plenty of TV's and a bar area for those that might want to catch a game. They have happy hour specials and affordable pricing all around.


Randy T.

They have good food but the portions are too small for what they charge for the meals. They also charge extra if you want more than the first basket of chips. They brought out one basket for 4 people and even that is too small for 4 people.


Cher H.

We came in for the dayfordavid and ordered Juanitas especial which is shrimp enchiladas. And husband ordered fajita quesadilla. His comes with a side salad and rice. Only complaint on his was the salad. Very dry , not even sure he had dressing and a huge core and stem. Very good service , like always and place seemed cleaned.


Heather N.

We came in around 6:30 on a Sunday. We stood in the lobby for about 10 minutes before a man that had been sitting at the bar with a laptop in front of him (that made eye contact with us multiple times) finally came over to seat us. The service just got worse from there. As we were seated we were informed that they were out of steak.Our waitress never came by to see if we needed refills, and when my daughter caught her to ask for a glass of water, she gave her a look like she was out of her damn mind. I kept trying to get her attention or the attention of a bus boy to get more salsa and everyone just blew right past us. I finally asked another waiter and he literally waved me off. As we were leaving (at 8:20pm!) There was a couple seated next to us that a young female employee was trying to pre-close, started spraying cleaner RIGHT next to their table with their food. It's too bad. The food was pretty good,Could have been hotter, but the service was so poor and took way too long that we probably will never go back.


Ashley K.

Cheap and cheerful date night before taking in a movie. My boyfriend and I were headed to Twin Creek for a movie and decided to have dinner in Bellevue a head of time. We settled on Ixtapa, which I have been two for lunch a few times before. Overall, the experience was good and hit the spot. The hostess on shift was a little low on the personality scale but our server and other staff made up for it. We ordered two chicken dishes and really enjoyed them both. We also got cheese dip to go with our chips. The only down side was the temperature in the restaurant was a bit cold which seemed to cool our food down a little too quickly.


Sabrina D.

The food alone at Ixtapa is pretty average, honestly. The environment, however, gives it a boost in its rating in my book.The service is always fast and friendly! The restaurant is clean and usually well lit, with good music choices. The few times I've stopped in with my husband it's been pretty quiet (a plus for me!)Their horchata hit the spot on this last visit. They offer chips and salsa (it says it's free for the first round, but usually we've gotten offered free refills). This time the hubby and I split a combo with two bean enchiladas and a chicken quesadilla--the sizes were slightly smaller than other Mexican spots, but adequate! Everything was satisfactory, just not particularly exceptional/outstanding!


Will K.

Good food, but watch your bill.  They add a 4% charge for " non cash adjustment".  I did not see that on the menu, but it was on the bill even though I paid cash.


Carolyn P.

The Mexican style guacamole is to die for. Margaritas are pre-made but are wonderful. Service is sometimes slow. If you stick with the lunch menu you can usually get in and out in a reasonable time.


Natasha S.

I've ate here before (not at this location) and thought the food to be meh.. it was a very different experience this time. We were served by a very professional young man who took pride in his job. I ordered the chicken taco salad and it was great! My husband had the chicken enchiladas which he thoroughly enjoyed.. and my son had the cheese quesadilla which he demolished. I forgot our servers name, but he made sure we were taken care of... food came out quick. Definitely will be back!


Kali G.

I'm pretty particular about Mexican cuisine, and I've struggled to find any that really appeal to me. But we really love Ixtapa. Their margaritas alone make the restaurant such a hit for us. Any other margarita in the area couldn't hold a candle to Ixtapa. I love their staff, they're very personable. My mother in law was in town visiting and we discovered the owners are from our home state, needless to say they definitely showed us "southern hospitality" the whole time and made sure we were taken care of. The food is great, as well. Mainly, I love their appetizer called "little chimis." We get them half beef, half chicken. Super great food, we go back often to grab a bite to eat!


Mary M.

The food is consistently good as is the service. It is great to see the owners actively involved in the daily operations of the restaurant and with the guests. Great food.


Kelli P.

We've been here a few times. Not overly impressed, but the food was average to good and the service is prompt and friendly. I agree with other reviews... It's a little pricy for what you get. I was particularly disappointed in the size of the margarita I ordered. or for just a house margarita and the size of about 1 cup, possibly a little more, but not much.


Michael K.

This has become a go to place for our family when we are craving good Mexican food for a good price!!

About Ixtapa Mexican Grill of Bellevue and reviews